Apricot-Rose Jam

Apricots and rose are made for each other. Imagine sitting in a rose garden on a beautiful day at the end of spring with a large bowl of apricots. As you indulge, you suddenly realize that you have found the most delicious and tender apricot. That’s the experience we bring to you, sealed in a jar of Apricot-Rose Jam. When you taste it, you will be transported to that moment.

Juicy golden apricots make this special jam appear to be California sunshine inside a jar.

You’ll enjoy apricot’s classic balance of sweetness with just a bit of tang.

Ingredients: organic apricots, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic rose water

⭐️ Gourmet
⭐️ Vegan
⭐️ Organic

Net Wt. 8 oz


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JarsPrice Per Jar
1 - 3$14.00
4 - 5$13.00
  • Apricot-Rose Jam pairs nicely with homemade pastries, such as muffins and cookies.
  • Mix with cream cheese and your favorite nuts to make a spectacular spread for your bagel.
  • Mix into vanilla ice cream.
  • With cheese and crackers.
  • Spread onto sourdough toast.
  • For a quick dessert, just grab a spoon and dig straight into the jar when nobody is looking. 😋🥄😁🤫

“I have ordered almost every flavor of jam you sell and all I can say is WOW!!!” -Cheryl Bear, Etsy ★★★★★

“Very good! The flavor is so rich and apricot-forward.” -Nicole Brown, Etsy ★★★★★

“This is the best jam I’ve ever had in the U.S. The only rival was my aunt’s who lives overseas and who makes jam from local fruit trees. So delicious and nothing on a store shelf comes close.” -Michelle Wallace, Etsy ★★★★★

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